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It Takes Two gameplay trailer showcases captivating features

Published: 21:07, 22 February 2021
Hazelight Studios
It Takes Two
It Takes Two

Hazelight Studios released the gameplay trailer for It Takes Two, which seems primed to just take away friends or couples to an unforgettable adventure.

Josef Fares may be best known for his charismatic on-stage stunts that earned him the nickname "Drunk EA guy" but his passion for co-op games is certainly another trait that sets him apart in the gaming industry.

After the successful run with A Way Out back in 2018, Hazelight worked on It Takes Two, which is now set to release on March 26, 2021. Just like the previous title, this one will have benefits for friends but the game will swap the gritty reality for fable adventure and possible rediscovery of love.

The two players, of which one can play the game for free, will take control of Cody and May who are a married couple that has a daughter, Rose. When they are about to divorce, Rose creates two dolls and the parents magically take their form. From that point on, they are led by the love book named Dr. Hakim as they wade through various and wonderful adventures as the good doctor is trying to spark the fire of their love once more.

This trailer alone contains enough snippets from different adventures to convince one to check the game out but we will let you see for yourself.

As we mentioned before, only one person needs to buy It Takes Two and another one can play with them due to the Friends Pass, a feature that was also present in A Way Out. On top of that, multiplayer supports both online and split-screen modes so you can choose between having the entire screen for yourself or enjoy a session of the good old couch co-op.

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