Solasta: Crown of the Magister interview - Inner Strength and future plans

Published: 17:16, 16 December 2022
Updated: 17:23, 16 December 2022
Tactical Adventures
Solasta: Crown of the Magister - Inner Strength
Solasta: Crown of the Magister - Inner Strength

Solasta: Crown of the Magister has recently been enriched by the Inner Strength DLC and we had a chance to ask what the team's impressions are, as well as their plans for the future.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister is the closest we can get in a video game to a tabletop experience when it comes to 5e DnD adventures, which is compounded by the game's multiplayer.

With each DLC and expansion drop, the game offers even more content for the fans to enjoy, on top of the Dungeon Maker tool where the community itself can create new adventures.

With all that in mind, we got to ask Tactical Adventures a few questions that had been on the fans' minds and some that ended up hinting at what is next for the team.

AltChar: Inner Strength is now out with another set of free additions beside the paid content and this is proving popular with the fans. Is this free release philosophy something Tactical Adventures will keep in the future?

Tactical Adventures: Absolutely. We cannot foresee sustainability without spoiling our fans with new content. We’ll always be on the lookout for feedback targeting improvements, QoL & stabilisation, that will come for free alongside premium updates.

AC: With the addition of three new classes, is Solasta approaching a point where there are too many for a party of four?

TA: These 3 classes were long awaited and are actually the remaining ones that our SRD 5.1 license with Wizards of the Coast allow us to propose. From where we stand, and after all we’ve read since the release of Inner Strength, it looks like our players love to experience what Bards, Warlocks & Monks brought to the table.

AC: On the other hand, some fans would like to see even more classes. What is the team's stance on that point?

TA: Class-wise, we reached the limit of what the SRD 5.1 ruleset (originally imagined by Wizards of the Coast) allowed us to use. This is why we always made sure to provide homebrew options + community-created subclasses. As a reminder, all included, 12 classes are now playable, each of them coming with 4 subclasses so 48 playable archetypes in total.

AC: Some fans have expressed that Dragonborn sound "too human", are there any plans to add a voice filter to make them sound more like lizards in a future update?

TA: As you know, all dialogue cutscenes in Solasta are fully voiced. When working on the new Dragonborn Ancestry, we took some time to find elegant ways to make them talk. We did not want to go for voice synthesis or filter, because no artificial solution would be doing justice to the original voice-acting efforts. And after confronting the perspective of re-recording thousands of dialogue lines twice (we always make sure to offer 1 masculine-sounding voice, and 1 feminine-sounding), we finally decided to keep what we had. 

After all, Dragonborn came into being as the fruit of the dalliances of polymorphed dragons with humanoid lineages. Being linked to humans, it made sense for us to have them sound like them. We understand that some players would have loved a more Draconic voice, but keeping the existing voices was a choice we needed to make in order to assure all Dragonborns could play the main campaign + all new campaigns, for which voices were already recorded.

AC: Lost Valley arrived roughly one year after Solasta left Early Access. Is there more story, or campaign, work in the pipeline for the next year?

TA: The Universe of Solasta is a deep and complex world, full of wonders, secrets, political intricacies, stories and adventures. And we’ve been able to get players to start immersing themselves into what we feel is only a part of the grand story. We have other ideas, ambitions, and unresolved mysteries that we wish to share soon, but nothing to announce at this stage.

Tactical Adventures Solasta: Crown of the Magister - Always good to replay an adventure with new flavours Solasta: Crown of the Magister - Always good to replay an adventure with new flavours

AC: Tactical Adventures released three DLC packs over the span of a year, one with a full-fledged campaign and all of them had new classes. Between all that there was a series of free updates and additions. Is this tempo draining on the team or can the fans look forward to a similar schedule in the next year?

TA: Let’s not forget to add to that a console version, cross-platform multiplayer, etc. What a year! We’re really proud and humbled of what our team has been able to achieve. Of course it is involving, especially to a team our size (30 people), but this is also a choice we happily made when we understood how passionate our fans were since our Kickstarter and how thrilling it was to keep building over what we’d started to create. Listening to our community needs is a mantra that the entire team signed off on, keeping in mind our resources, and our priority to assure the best working environment to everyone. 

That means we’re able to come up with new, original content and untold stories as well as meaningful features and fixes that are in direct line with our fans’ expectations and requests. For the ones that got to finish the main Crown of the Magister campaign, without telling too much, one could witness elements that are still a bit up in the air. Also, true Dnd fans are expecting news from Ancestries they have not been able to play in Solasta yet. We can’t assure we’ll be maintaining the same pace in 2023 as both aspects take a long time to create, but we should be able to reveal more on that later.

AC: Solasta is easily the best video game adaptation of a DnD adventure because the multiplayer allows players to emulate an in-person tabletop experience. Is it possible that the future could hold multiple-copy bundles sold as one?

TA: That’s an excellent question! It not a request that’s been too heavily voiced so far, but an idea we’ll happily investigate!

We would like to extend our thanks to Tactical Adventures for taking the time and Dead Good Media for setting the interview up!

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