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Glen Schofield answers 83 questions about The Callisto Protocol

Published: 08:35, 23 June 2022
Callisto Protocol is a new horror from former Dead Space creator
Callisto Protocol is a new horror from former Dead Space creator

The Callisto Protocol director reveals he did not cast Josh Duhamel for his Taco Bell ads. 

Striking Distance Studios' sci-fi horror The Callisto Protocol is one of the most anticipated games of 2022 and given that we're getting closer to the game's December release date, the dev team have been revealing new footage and also talking about new features over the last couple of weeks. 

In the most recent interview with the media, The Callisto Protocol director Glen Schofield answered 83 short questions about the game and many other things including whether Taco Bell ads had anything to do with his decision to bring Josh Duhamel on board for the protagonist role. 

Speaking specifically about the combat in the game, Schofield states that the combat is "fairly evolved" when compared to his previous horror game Dead Space. The game offers a wide variety of both melee and ranged weapons like guns, rifles and more.

Scholfield also confirmed players will be able to shoot off enemies' limbs. "We went far on that than in Dead Space," he confirmed. 

There are plenty of other tiny details that Schofield reveals in the video so we recommend you definitely check it out if The Callisto Protocol is one of your most anticipated horror games. 

For more on The Callisto Protocol, check out more about the story, platforms and release date in the article below.

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