Teamfight Tactics: Best late-game comps in Set 8

Published: 22:05, 26 December 2022
Riot Games
Best comps to play in the late game!
Best comps to play in the late game!

Here are the best late-game team compositions to play in Teamfight Tactics Set 8 in patch 12.23B!

Prior to the holiday break, Riot Games  released a B-patch for Teamfight Tactics 12.23, which altered the Set 8 meta. The 12.23 B-patch has also enhanced late-game units. Aurelion Sol is an excellent AP secondary carrier that may also be used in conjunction with an AD primary carrier.

Nunu is one of the strongest late-game Mascot troops that may expose an opponent's backline. Urgot is a reliable unit capable of supplying money and item components while eliminating foes. Also, don't dismiss Fiddlesticks, especially when it comes to goods like Ionic Spark and Morellonomicon.

League of Legends  Zoe is one of the strongest AP carriers in TFT Set 8. Players will normally want a strong frontline to protect Zoe, which should include Ekko to activate the Prankster trait. During the mid-game, running three Pranksters is an option.

Samira Carry

Samira is one of the finest AD carriers, generally playing with at least two and up to four Sureshot units. Aphelios should always be the second Sureshot unit for late-game stages. Sivir and Senna are the other two Sureshot troops. Along with Rammus or Zac, Ekko is a fantastic flex frontline unit.

MECHA: Prime Jax

With Jax as the Mecha: PRIME, Mech remains one of the best end-game compositions. Players can run six Brawler or five Mecha: Prime, since both versions are strong. Sett and Leona replace Draven and Wukong as the two Mecha: PRIME units that combine into Jax in the Brawler edition.

Threat Bel'Veth

Brawlers provide a formidable frontline throughout TFT Set Eight. At level seven, running Brawlers with an AD carry can transform into a Bel'Veth carry. Players can utilize Ashe or Vayne as an early-game AD carry in this setup. Furthermore, any AP items may be utilized on an extra backline carry via Aurelion Sol or Miss Fortune.

Riot Games Teamfight Tactics Set 8 Samira Teamfight Tactics Set 8 Samira

Recon Kai'Sa/Vayne

Kai'Sa is a great primary carrier because the Recon trait was boosted in the 12.23 B-patch. Two or three Recon troops can perform the job, but players might choose to run all four. Ezreal serves as a backup AP carrier, while Ashe or Vayne can serve as backup AD carriers. A strong frontline is required regardless of the Kai'Sa end-game comp.

Spellslinger Taliyah

Players often run Gadgeteen in the early game, followed by Spellslingers and Brawlers/Aegis in the mid-game. Running four Spellslinger units is a possibility, but to sustain health as the game progresses, players may wish to prioritize a strong frontline over backline units. Taliyah desires things such as the Jeweled Gauntlet and the Spear of Shojin.

Supers Reroll

Players can choose to use Ashe or Yuumi as the main backline carrier, with four Mascot troops in the frontline with the Supers units.Guinsoo's Rageblade, Last Whisper, and Runaan's Hurricane remain Ashe's equipment. 

In addition, if players wish to run an AP version of Supers, Yuumi is a reliable carry with items like Blue Buff and Jeweled Gauntlet. Deathcap is most likely a better third item than Archangel's Staff, and depending on the lobby, a Quicksilver is required.


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