Solasta got Rugan the Giant bugged? Here is a workaround

Published: 09:48, 23 April 2022
Updated: 09:49, 23 April 2022
Tactical Adventures
Solasta: Crown of the Magister - Giants in the Lost Valley
Solasta: Crown of the Magister - Giants in the Lost Valley

Rugan the giant can be really problematic in Solasta: CotM - Lost Valley, provided you decided to help his brethren in the first place.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister - Lost Valley DLC is pretty awesome but it suffers from various bugs. Luckily one of the game-breaking ones has a workaround that will get you unstuck and free to continue the adventure.

During their quest chain, giants from the enclave in the Green Valley will ask you to look for their kinsmen in the swamps. When you go to the swamp and visit the Forge outpost, you will see a giant imprisoned. If you manage to negotiate his release, you will soon find he can't even go over a stairwell and you can't leave the map because he's not with your party members.

The fix

The fix for this is pretty easy but definitely not easy to spot. There is a single path to a single place that leaves the Swamp map that Rugan can actually approach and use.

If you haven't discovered the western map exit already, use your regular party members to do so. Here is a quick map to show you the location of the place in relation to the Forge outpost so you know where to look.

Tactical Adventures Solasta: CotM - Lost Valley Solasta: CotM - Lost Valley - West exit map

As you can see from the map markers, Rugan has already started moving for me. He will easily cross the dangerous area that requires jumping from pillar to pillar and eventually meet your party there. 

Tactical Adventures Solasta: CotM LV - Rugan is pretty nimble for a giant Solasta: CotM LV - Rugan is pretty nimble for a giant

All you need to do is select Rugan while he's still stuck at the Forge outpost, pan the camera to the West exit and click to move anywhere near the designated area. The giant will automatically path there and you will be free to leave the place.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not enter the cave near the Forge outpost while you're followed by either Rugan or Hasrubdal's envoys. They won't be able to leave it and the game will be truly stuck, requiring you to load a previous save.

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