Sea of Thieves: Feast of Bounty event is now live, here's how to participate

Published: 18:44, 22 November 2021
Updated: 18:50, 22 November 2021
Sea of Thieves - Feast of Bounty event
Sea of Thieves - Feast of Bounty event

Sea of Thieves' Feast of Bounty event just kicked off. Players will have to complete certain challenges in order to earn their spot in the Event's two phases.

Sea of Thieves is throwing its own version of Thanksgiving with the Feast of Bounty event. The event is now live and will have players running around collecting the ingredients for a giant meal and then celebrating the food and plenty. Special event-themed cosmetics and seasonal Renown are available.

Feast of Bounty - phases

Sea of Thieves' Feast of Bounty event is divided up into two phases: Preparation and Celebration.

The Preparation phase is already live and pirates will have their hands full completing Preparation Challenges that include cooking meat and snatching up Feast of Bounty Flags.

The Celebration phase will start on November 25, as is fitting, and go on until everyone falls into a food coma. The second phase of the event will come with its own set of Celebration Challenges.

The Feast of Bounty event is now live. It will end on November 29 at 10:00 GMT.

How to earn and claim Event rewards

Complete the overarching Overindulgence Challenge as well as the bespoke Preparation and Celebration Challenges during the Event to earn gold, Seasonal Renown and Event-themed cosmetics. The cosmetics you earn will be available and ready to equip from the relevant in-game chests within 72 hours.

How to participate

A spot in the Preparation phase will be reserved for players who complete Preparation Challenges between November 22 and November 25. Taking part in the Celebration phase will be possible for those who complete Celebration Challenges between November 25 and the Event’s end on November 29.

Note that Preparation Challenges can still be completed during the Celebration phase.

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