Scarlet Nexus - How to find the third keycard?

Published: 14:00, 23 June 2021
screenshot of scarlet nexus
This particular door requires keycard number three

Once you get to the Supernatural Life Research Facility, you will need four keycards to open certain doors and progress to the next level. Finding the first and the second one is easy but the third keycard, which opens to door to the fourth, is a bit tricky.

The Supernatural Life Research Facility is like one giant maze and those who are impatient may wander around the hallways, searching for the third keycard, which is hidden at the very end of the map. 

Below, you can find the map of the area and we also drew a cool pathway to help you get to the keycard. It shouldn't be hard with the map, but in case you still can't seem to find it, follow our instructions below.

AltChar Scarlet Nexus screenshot showing Path to third keycard Scarlet Nexus - Path to third keycard


Before we start, keep in mind that there will be plenty of enemies on this route, so be prepared to fight your way through to the card. 

We will assume you are in the first room with the "vendor and save guy" since this is where the door is. Head to the end of the room and down the stairs. You'll enter pretty much an identical room with another vendor. Again, head to the end of the room and you'll notice a door on the left side leading to a big hall with a painting in the middle and two big "doors" on each side.

Take the right door and keep going towards the end of the hallways where you'll see another door on the righthand side, leading to a big hallway with a chandelier. Go right towards the door at the end, which you can see in the screenshot below.

AltChar scarlet nexus screenshot Scarlet Nexus - How to find the third key card?

Once you pass the door keep going straight to reach an overgrown hallway with trees, grass and other plants. Here, just go left towards the end of the hallway and you'll reach the room next to the keycard. It's on the right side as you enter the room. You'll notice it's blocked by a shelf but you can use the teleportation power to reach the keycard.

AltChar Scarlet Nexus screenshot showing the third keycard Scarlet Nexus - There's the key card!

No head back to the door and use the keycard which will lead you to a room where you'll find the fourth keycard and a bunch of enemies.

Scarlet Nexus is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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