New World: Iron cartridge crafting and component location guide

Published: 19:50, 29 September 2021
New World
New World - Got to craft that ammo

New World has an extensive crafting system but one of the first things many players will get confused on is crafting the ammunition for the musket. Here is everything you need to know.

Iron cartridges are not that easy to come by at lower levels in New World and the recipe itself is somewhat intricate. However, it's impossible or hard to craft them when you know what you are looking for and where to look for it. This guide will provide information on the recipe for iron cartridges as well as tips on how to find all the necessary ingredients to craft them.

Before getting into the recipe itself, you will need to know where to find necessary nodes, like Iron Vein or Hemp plant. You can find it all on the interactable map that allows you to see the locations of pretty much every resource you might need.

Iron Cartridges (x50) recipe, crafted at the Work Bench:

  • Iron Ingot x4
  • Linen x1
  • Gunpowder x1

Iron ingot recipe, crafted at the Smelter:

  • Iron Ore x4

Iron Veins are darker than Boulders that you mined up to this point so they are easy to spot.

Linen recipe, crafted at the Loom:

  • Fibers x4

You can harvest fibers from Hemp plants.

Amazon New World - Hemp plants New World - Hemp plants

Gunpowder (x5) recipe, crafted at the Work Bench:

  • Charcoal x5
  • Flint x2
  • Saltpeter x1

Flint can be found basically at every step. Just look for small rocks along your way and you can pick them up.

Charcoal is crafted from green wood, which you probably have plenty of. Go to the Smelter and make charcoal out of it.

Saltpeter is found in wolf dens. Go to any that you found on the map and look for the node on the ground.

Amazon New World - Saltpeter looks like a mound on the floor so it's easily missed New World - Saltpeter looks like a mound on the floor so it's easily missed

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