New World guide for spending Territory Standing Points

Published: 02:00, 11 August 2021
Updated: 01:25, 29 September 2021
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The real fight is always with yourself, in making a decision on spending points
The real fight is always with yourself, in making a decision on spending points

Once again, in the times of preparing for the launch of New World, we bring you news of how to optimize your game experience. Beta players, with Reddit user Scott Sprague at the lead, came upon a few pointers in regards to spending your points.

If you've played any MMORPG for any length of time, when you see upgrade options and no redistribution button, you want to make sure you get it right from the beginning. Son, on that note, combing through Reddit discussions and our personal, though slight, experience with the game as a guide, we bring a way to spend Territory Standing Points without crippling yourself in the process.

First, we will start off with your upgrade options:

  • Faction Tokens,
  • Gather Speed,
  • House Items - Non-diminishing,
  • House Ownership - The only option at level 10,
  • Property tax,
  • Standing Gain,
  • Station fee,
  • Storage - Non-diminishing,
  • Trading Tax,
  • XP Gain - Only offered 4 times, only for character level.

Most upgrades have diminishing returns, meaning the first upgrade you'll get a whopping 5%, but at 28 it'll be < .1%. Storage and House Items are exceptions to this rule, and with a maximum of 300 levels per territory, you'll have plenty of points to put into the 6 diminishing upgrades, regardless of how useful you think they are now.

The XP versus Storage is a personal choice. There are 64 available Storage upgrades, which most would agree is the best upgrade available, but only 4 XP Gain upgrades, which are essentially useless at max level. There are 3 upgrades where you have to choose between the 2. If all you care about is the end game, take the storage, otherwise, enjoy that XP boost!

Your upgrading priority should look something like this; Storage > House Items > XP Gain (Once at level 1) > Faction Tokens/Gather Speed/Property tax/Standing Gain/Station fee/Trading Tax. The last one is your personal preference, but branch out afterward, due to the diminishing returns.

Amazon Game Studios This really is an in-game screenshot This really is an in-game screenshot

In the end, your bonuses should look similar to this:

  • Faction Tokens (36) - 36.8%,
  • Gather Speed (36) - 36.8%,
  • House Items (20),
  • House Ownership (1),
  • Property tax (35) - 36.8%,
  • Standing Gain (35) - 36.8%,
  • Station fee (36) - 36.8%,
  • Storage (64) - 1600,
  • Trading Tax (36) - 36.8%,
  • XP Gain (1) - 3%.

Hopefully, some new players will find this useful, and catch up to the beta players in no time.

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