New World: All you need to know about Gypsum and new crafting changes

Published: 05:13, 06 December 2021
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New World
Displaying a house in New World is based on a point system

The new Expertise changes that are bound for New World are shaking things up in the community. Fans are unhappy, but Amazon are staying adamant that this is the best for the game. So, it's up to us to learn what the changes actually entail.

First things first, when an item gets nerfed due to the Expertise mechanic, it's not a permanent change. The item will retain its inherent Gear Score, and as you increase your expertise the effective Gear Score of the item will increase up to that inherent Gear Score. So you can still buy, craft, and use higher Gear Score items, but you just need to grow into them to fully utilize them. Note that all perks and other bonuses will still be active, though reduced in effectiveness, so those legendary items will still provide nice bumps in power.

Crafters will still be critical to end-game gear. At the end game, crafters are the best source of custom GS600 legendaries. And with the addition of Timeless Shards, they will now have even more control over the outcome of their crafts.

Crafting items does not raise your expertise with items. However, with the addition of the Trade Skill Aptitude system, crafters will be able to earn Emerald Gypsum as a path to increase their expertise.

One of the goals of these changes is to provide and promote a variety of end game activities as a way to increase your Expertise. If there were no limits, players would likely find the optimal activity and just spam that over and over. So we hope this change incentivizes players to try out all the different end game options we have rather than feeling compelled to optimize by grinding the same activity all day.

Amazon Game Studios New World - There is strength in numbers, literally New World - There is strength in numbers, literally

When it comes to Gypsum, it will not be sold in the cash shop. However, there is a clause of one cast per day tied to it. This means that you can only craft one of each weapon type per day. i.e. only one Gypsum Bow Cast a day or one Gypsum Fire Staff Cast a day. But you could theoretically craft as many as 20 Gypsum Casts in a day, 3 jewelry, 5 armor, 12 weapons if you had that many Gypsum Orbs. Note though you will only be able to earn enough gypsum to craft a maximum of 7 Gypsum Orbs a day.

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