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Published: 09:21, 21 October 2022
Updated: 09:22, 21 October 2022
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League of Legends champion Sona - splash art
League of Legends - Sona is another example of an old champion

When it comes to League of Legends supports, in our opinion, versatility is key. Tat can be accomplished by either having a good champion pool, or, mining a support that can do everything.

League of Legends supports are the champions that carry games from behind, and will never get the credit they deserve. After all, Riot Games did not give them ample damage, nor can they tank the enemy team for days.

Some of them, even, don't show up for the enemy to target. looking at you, Yuumi . However, the way Supports carry games, is by making it easier for their team to do so.

The first champion we have on our list is Sona. Sona is an incredibly easy enchanter to play, even among that class of supports. With her abilities all auto-targeting allies, and her ultimate having a large AoE, it's very hard to in with her, as long as you keep to the back.

And, with her scaling, you can be sure that, even without getting kills in lane, your power will continue to rise.

Riot Games Taric is checking Ezreal from behind confirming that League of Legends has more closeted champions than a hardcore religious family League of Legends - Taric has shields, heals and stuns

Similarly to Sona, we have Taric. This is another support champion with good scaling, but one that is far more interesting to play. In addition, where Sone and her ADC must be scared of the enemy engage, Taric welcomes it. And, if your ADC ints, a Taric and bruiser top lane combo are unstoppable on the Rift.

The final champion we have on our list, at this moment, is Amumu. With the mini rework in season 11, Amumu has become one of the best supports in the game, indirectly, due to his early jungle scaling stats.

As far as supports go, currently, AMumu is better than even Leona at holding down opponents and starting off team fights.

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