How to upgrade airport levels in Cities: Skylines airport expansion

Published: 07:12, 15 January 2022
Paradox Interactive
Cities: Skylines - A well established airport
Cities: Skylines - A well established airport

A small, one runway airport, will do at the start, for a town whose populace may not have much of a use for it. However, a metropolitan city and its citizens will require far more than that.

A level 1 airport is comparable to the base game airport - it’s a basic connection to the outside world - but with a lot more flexibility in terms of layout. It consists of a terminal, at least one plane stand, and a runway with connecting taxiways, and can accept small planes. Decorative buildings are available and needed for the airport to level up, unlocking larger planes, more buildings, and additional connections to the city.

To reach level 2 your airport needs to service 500 passengers and have an Attractiveness Score of 200, which is reached by placing decorative buildings in your airport. Decorative buildings have their own menu filter and can be hotels, hangars and parked planes. Once your airport reaches level 2 you unlock the medium plane stand and your airport can start receiving medium planes, which can carry more passengers. Furthermore, you unlock large terminals, more decorative buildings, and integrated metro in the form of Concourse Hubs and the Elevated Airport Metro Station.

Paradox Interactive The Airport Area tool prepares the terrain for your airport The Airport Area tool prepares the terrain for your airport

Level 3 is the highest level your airport can reach and requires 5000 passengers and an Attractiveness Score of 1000, but in turn unlocks not only large planes but also cargo planes, the Airport Train Station, and the Airline Headquarters Building, which lets you found your very own airline!

Once an airport reaches a level, it cannot be lost even if you make changes to the airport. However, any new area created in the city will always start out as level 1. And yes, that means you can have multiple Airport Areas in your city if you want!

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