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Cities: Skylines add three new maps with the Airports expansion

Published: 07:30, 21 January 2022
Paradox Interactive
Cities: Skylines - Asanu Beach
Cities: Skylines - Asanu Beach

 You can't make a substantial update to a game, without including some visual updates as well. Cities: Skylines is no different, and developers are adding new maps for our enjoyment.

Whether you’re looking to build a city profiting from substantial industry or focused on tourism, Airports comes with three new maps featuring large open areas making them ideal for airports!

The first on the list is the tropical Asanu Beach, which features a long stretch of wide beaches and an undisturbed lagoon perfect for tourism! But if that isn’t your kind of city, the lush jungles have much more to offer and could be a bustling metropolis or profitable industrial venture.

Heading to the temperate regions we find Hanami Bay at the mouth of two rivers and plenty of land to expand to - whether you want to move inland or take advantage of the bay’s many islands is up to you!

Paradox Interactive Cities: Skylines - Hanami Bay Cities: Skylines - Hanami Bay

If you long for colder destinations, then Noyou Port might just be the place for you! Its wide-open spaces are ideal for any city and the rivers carved into the landscape through the eons offer beautiful scenery.

With Airports almost ready to ship, there is just one thing left to cover: The free update coming to everyone on the 25th of January! Monday at 4 PM CET / 7 AM PST, developers cover the new features and updates, including the patch notes so you are up to date with everything!

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