How to make your own airline in Cities: Skylines

Published: 06:53, 18 January 2022
Paradox Interactive
Cities: Skylines - Airline HQ
Cities: Skylines - Airline HQ

Airports mean travel and traveling means money. So, how do you make use of that fact, and take a piece of the money found there for yourself? With your own airline of course!

At level 3 your airport has become significant enough to be the base of operations for an airline. With the Airline Headquarters Building, a Unique Building found in the Airport Area menu, you can found your very own airline, and customize the name, logo, and planes! All you need to do is place the building somewhere in your city - it can be in the Airport Area or anywhere you like.

Once in your city, the Airline Headquarters Building unlocks the Airline tab in the Airport Area Info Panel - this tab can also be reached by selecting the Airline Headquarters Building and clicking the Airline Info button. Here you can change the name of your airline, choose a logo from the 6 options and set the main color of your aircraft fleet, as well as change the ticket price.

Paradox Interactive Cities: Skylines - Customizing your own airline's planes Cities: Skylines - Customizing your own airline's planes

Having an airline in your city not only gives tourism an additional boost but also provides you with an additional income to help offset the cost of running your airport. Low ticket prices add to the Airport Area’s Attractiveness, while a high ticket price can make it slightly less attractive for tourists. Balance the Attractiveness right and you’re able to earn a sizable profit from your airline!

An airline is unique to the city, so you can only have one, even if you have multiple Airport Areas in the city. Any changes made to the airline from one Airport Area Info Panel will be applied to all areas.

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