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Cities: Skylines Airport expansion adds 14 new trees to the game

Published: 07:15, 25 January 2022
Paradox Interactive
Cities: Skylines

The Cities: Skylines expansion is not focused purely on its namesake, that of the airport, and the changes related to it. Developers are adding more content to the free patch, as well.

You can now replace trees on roads and pedestrian paths with any tree available in the game! To do so simply go into the Landscaping menu and find the tree you want to use, select it and click on a tree-lined network already placed in your city to apply the new tree.

This is done per segment, so you can customize the networks you want with the many different trees. And the best part is this is free since the cost of trees is already included in the cost of the network!

And speaking of trees, the free patch includes 14 new trees by MrMaison everyone gets to enjoy and use! From palm trees to pines to grasses and bushes, there’s something for every map!

Paradox Interactive Cities: Skylines - Asanu Beach Cities: Skylines - Asanu Beach

While we’re in the Landscaping category there are some changes to how soil works! You still use and store soil as you landscape the terrain, but we have added an option to buy or sell soil making landscaping, and also creating Airport Areas, easier.

0No more running out of soil and having to dig a hole, or creating a mountain just to dispose of excess soil! Just click the new button in the Landscaping Info View active when landscaping or creating Airport Areas.

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