How to get iron in New World via fishing rather than mining

Published: 05:31, 12 October 2021
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Muskets have a certain charm, don't they?
The ammo for this fine musket won't make itself, now will it, adventurer?

There is honing your craft, and there are just plain numbers, in New World. What we are bringing you now is the latter. A to make the game's rng work in your favor, and a way to avoid those pesky bots.

Foraging for materials in New World will allow you to craft thousands of weapons, armor, and other goods which you can use yourself, give to friends or sell to other players. The more you craft, the stronger your crafting abilities will become.

One way of gathering materials is via fishing. Of course, you can't expect to always get a catch if your level is too low, your proficiency is not up to par, and your equipment is lacking. What you can do, however, is make sure the in-built systems in the game work in your favor.

When taking a fishing-related quest, you can notice that catching the particular fish you have come to catch gets easier than it usually is, as they seem to all but throw themselves on your bait. Not only that, but your expendable materials don't seem to break all that much, if at all, and your profit is all that much greater.

That is because the game is pushing your chances towards fulfilling the quest you have taken on, as soon as possible. But the thing about it all is that the game will continue to do so until you've gone to hand in the quest, and will not stop after you caught the required catch for the first time. In this way, all you have to do is take the most efficient and profitable quest, and then fish for some time without turning it in.

Reddit New World - Weapons of the sea quest New World - Weapons of the sea quest

We, alongside the folks on Reddit, recommend the level 40 fishing quest called Weapons of the sea, as it will allow you to catch fish-headed hammers and fish swords at an accelerated rate, which can then be turned into iron without having to contest the iron veins in the rest of the game.

We recommend you to use this as soon as possible, should it be changed by the devs for some reason. Especially so, when the game is filled with mining bots that monopolize the iron veins in the game and mine all day long, what the PvP turned off, of course, leaving you with the only option of luring a mob towards them and letting it do its job.

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