How to fix Star Wars: Squadrons fps issue on PC

Published: 09:54, 02 October 2020
Updated: 13:28, 05 October 2020
Star Wars: Squadrons - PC screenshot showing amazing graphics
Star Wars: Squadrons looks gorgeous on PC.

Star Wars: Squadrons is available now on PC, but not without some issues. The game looks beautiful, but many PC players are having a hard time getting the game to run smoothly.

If you have launched Star Wars: Squadrons and began to fly with the TIE fighter in the opening sequence of the game, you probably thought that something's off. The FPS overlay must be showing 100+ FPS, but the game felt sluggish. We had that same feeling.

We checked the in-game settings, and everything was fine. We turned off the HDR, Vsync was disabled, video settings were ok, refresh rate too. But, for some reason, the game felt like it was capped at a 30Hz refresh rate. 

After a quick look at gaming forums, we saw that a large number of PC players are having the same issue. There is a bug in there somewhere, and while EA have acknowledged the problem, we have tried to find a workaround of our own to get the smooth frame times, while we wait for the official patch.

There is a 'fix' for this, and although you'll still be playing at lower than 144FPS, it's much better than the 30FPS cap we are having right now.

Here are the video settings we have found to be the only ones to provide the 60fps smooth gameplay:

AltChar Star Wars Squadrons settings screenshot showing video options like screen mode, resolution, refresh rate Star Wars: Squadrons - Refresh rate (Hz) settings to play smoothly

Go to Options, Video, and set your native resolution, screen mode to Fullscreen, and this is the important part: the only refresh rate that is not broken at this time, and gives the frame rates that it should be, is this one: 59.94Hz. At least in our case.

Note that our Vsync is set to Off, as we have a G-sync compatible monitor, but you should be good to go with Vsync enabled. Try this out and play this gorgeous game in smooth 60 frames per second, until the patch arrives.

Star Wars: Squadrons, the dogfighting space combat game, set in the Star Wars universe, is out today, October 2, for PS4, Xbox One and PC (Origin, Steam). The game is developed by EA Motive, and published by Electronic Arts. 

EA already have stated that the game will not be getting a Next-gen upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, but it will be available through backward-compatibility.

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