How to catch large salmon and bass in New World

Published: 04:51, 15 October 2021
New World fishing
New World fishing

Town board missions can get tricky in New World, especially so if they revolve around fishing. Here is a quick guide to help you out with them.

Large bass or large salmon can be tricky to fish since you can keep casting your line for hours on end without any results. The reason for this is both the low chance of catching them in the first place but also the fact that players don't know where to look for this specific fish.

Both of them can be found in bodies of freshwater so you are looking for lakes and rivers. However, you will need to cast your line in the ones that are deep. You can see the depth on the indicator that pops up just as your hook goes into the water.

The most common place to get both bass and salmon is the lake where you initially take the fishing quest from Shields. You can find this location just outside the Windsward settlement. There is no special technique involved, except you have to find where the water is deep.

Furthermore, bait doesn't appear to be working properly at this time but it might be fixed in the future as I've cast the line with bait for over 30 times and only got large salmon and bass without using it.

Amazon New World - fishing outside Windsward New World - fishing outside Windsward

Additionally, you can find large salmon in saltwater, close to Master Fisher Ruby, who is easily located due to the second part of the aforementioned quest. If you're not sure about the location, she is on the western shore of Everfall, as seen on the map below.

Amazon New World - Master Fisher Ruby location New World - Master Fisher Ruby location

You will need to enter the water before casting the line so it can reach enough depth. After that, just keep at it until you get lucky. Have fun!

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