How to achieve an overpowered PvP combo in New World

Published: 22:48, 17 September 2021
Amazon Game Studios
Every faction, just like a coin, has two sides
Fight fire with fire, as they say

Now, the PvP part of New World has had its controversies. These have ranged from players demanding PvP-only servers, to the great-ax weapon which was overpowered by itself, and now, we bring you another OP combo.

New World's PvP itself has a good foundation, with versatility and skill involved, however, the human aspect of it poses a problem. The solutions offered are plentiful, and make sense. All of them are based on implementing a balanced risk/reward system.

Make deaths more impactful, wins more rewarding, and make flagging itself rewarding, such as buffing gathering for players flagged continuously for a certain time. Perhaps even implement a currency based on player-kills, the possibilities are endless with some imagination. And all of these would make for a more natural open-world PvP MMO, and in the end, a better game.

However, as things stand, none of these are in sight. It even goes to the extent of players using deaths as a fast travel mechanism, as the game has none, and there are no mounts in it.

The solution for the average player then is to fight fire with fire, that is, to fight OP with OP.

This combo is relatively easy to set up and it can really break the game. It is based on the combination of the “Iced refresh” perk and the gem that gives the bonus “Frozen”:

  • Iced refresh: reduces all Ice cooldowns on a killing blow by 75%.
  • Frozen: convert 20% of damage to Ice.

Amazon Game Studios New World combat system does make for some epic moments Ah, Great-ax, the best of all weapons

Iced refresh is triggered by the 20% conversion. Ice damage itself allows you to reset the cooldowns on the weapon equipped with the gem each time you make a kill.

One build example would be a Firestaff with Frozen. The Incinerate spam supplies you with the damage, twice, a heal, and a push back, making you near-immortal, and if you get the perk “Siphoning Incinerate” you can get unlimited mana since you can get 27 mana per Incinerate, and the spell cost is only 22.

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