Guild Wars 2: Icebrood Saga Episode 4 meta mechanics and walkthrough

Published: 16:25, 28 July 2020
Updated: 15:53, 28 July 2020
Guild Wars 2 - Jormag Rising meta
Guild Wars 2 - Jormag Rising meta

Jormag Rising, the fourth episode of The Icebrood Saga, brought a new meta event to Guild Wars 2. It is quite large in scale and one could get lost in the blob so here are a few basic mechanics and a walkthrough to help your orientation.

No Quarter meta event has been adjusted accordingly, to compensate for the addition of the new meta event to Drizzlewood Coast. Together, they should last roughly the same as Battle Cry before the update. Keep in mind that there are mild spoilers around so read at your own discretion. If you got confused at a certain point of the meta, scroll through the sub-headlines until you find the point of the event that needs clearing up.

Initially, Episode 4 meta will kick off fairly similar to Battle Cry - there are several map sectors that you need to occupy by completing events and generally pestering Dominion soldiers. 

Conquering areas and defeating tribunes

The major difference is that the sectors don't need to be completed in a specific order and there are no counter attacks once you take them. Players can attack the sectors as one giant blob for the easy approach or split into four teams for quicker clear. We would suggest trying to go as the singular giant blob initially due to the weapons that can drop from each tribune. Everyone will have a chance of acquiring one if everyone gets to tag the boss.

Some of the events will require the usage of siege equipment so don't throw away any of the blueprints you may have received during story missions or events. Furthermore, it would be wise to stock up on these in one of the United Legions' camps. Flame ram works great for ruining buildings and tents, so make sure to keep at least one on hand.

When you do enough damage, you will provoke a tribune assigned to that area, at which point you can proceed to the boss fight and potentially get a chance to loot a Dominion tribune weapon.

Assault on the Frost Citadel

After the last tribune is felled, we get to invade the Frost Citadel. In case the previous events were done by four groups, the newly established forward operating camp will be the place where everyone will meet up. At this point, there will be three orange commander tags that pop up. These are assigned to NPCs -  Kasmeer, Efram and [ Spoiler Alert ]. You have 35 minutes to complete the assault from this point onwards.

Zone capture

According to the devs, at least 30 people will be needed to complete the meta from this point on. Considering it is nothing short of epic, the number of required players is fairly understandable.

The three commanders will proceed to three different zones that players need to capture by standing in them and pushing back any of the incoming Jormag's forces. At this point, the dragon will throw everything at the players, not just the Frost Legion. Expect Sons of Svanir, Imps, Icebrood constructs and more.

Overall, just make sure to kill any enemies you see around and destroy the portals as soon as possible. The portals are marked with the orange gear symbol often seen in events so they are easy to spot.

Cannon construction

When this part is over, the allied Charr will start building cannons in the captured landing zones. At this point, you can fight enemies with your own skills or by picking up a rifle or rocket launcher from a Toolbox that spawns nearby. Alternatively, you can pick up a hammer, go to the build site and accelerate the cannon construction.

Cannon defence and breaching the gate

When completed, the cannons will start blasting the citadel gate. However, Jormag's forces will attempt to destroy these so it's your job to protect them. It's a pretty straightforward step so just keep killing enemies so they don't damage the cannons. As long as one cannon stands, you can complete this step but it will take longer, which may prove to be an issue later on due to the ticking clock.

Claw of Jormag gets a bit more personal soon, as the Citadel's gate gets battered, swoops in and destroys your cannons. At this point, you need to fight Guardian Elemental boss to clear a path in order to approach the almost-destroyed gate. After dispatching the boss, approach the gate and drop your siege weapons in front. Flame rams come in really handy here as they can bring it down quickly.

Inside the Citadel

You will run up to a Charr Phalanx line. In order to kill them and progress, you will need to break the defiance bar so they break the line. AoE CC works the great here since several people can keep stacking it without requiring much coordination. 

The event will start showering you with rewards from this point onward, so make sure you loot all the chests you come across. Furthermore, a Kasmeer will conjure a mesmer portal with one side being at the entrance of the Citadel and the other in the room that the participants are clearing. In other words, if you die and have to port back to the camp, you can use the portal to fast travel to the blob.

The Ruinbringer

Nope, you're not fighting the ol' Bango here. It's the name of the giant tank rolling through the room. To kill it, you need to destroy the two shield power generators on the sides of the tank. To accomplish this, use Waystation masteries, siege weapons like ballistae or Charr Cars that are parked on the opposite side of the room. If you played the Steel warband strike, you will be familiar with the Charr Car's capabilities.

Once the shields are down, you are free to beat the marvel of Charr mechanisation into a scrap heap with your conventional weaponry. If you're a melee profession, you can climb up the ramp nearby and glide down onto the tank. That way you can beat it up without having to chase it all over the room. 

Loot the chests and proceed to the next room.

Charr conversion room

Start beating on Blood Processors. They look like giant furnaces and have crosshairs on them. Next to the processors, you will find Blood Collector crates. A portion of the blob will need to equip these when Jormag's blood starts spilling from the processors as they get damaged. 

Players who equip Blood Collectors can soak the spilt blood, easily identified as the giant dark blue puddles on the floor, and then shoot at enemies or even processors to do damage. The main focus should be on cleaning up the room though, so damage dealers can do their job without getting wrecked.

Once all five Blood Processors are down, an Icebrood Construct pops out and starts flailing like there is no tomorrow. It has massive AoE damage and CC so it would be wise for several members of the blob to have the rocket launcher from the Waypoint mastery equipped. This way, all the damage the boss deals can be easily healed up, provided the blob stays group up enough.

After the boss falls, kill the remnants of Dominion forces, loot the chests on the ramp to the right and proceed further. Keep the Blood Collectors.

The hallways

You just need to make sure Efram reaches the next point in good health. Keep clearing Jormag blood puddles with your collectors and break Phalanx lines.

Claw of Jormag

This is it. You made it to the final fight of the event. Several portals appear with enemies pouring out of them. If you can afford the firepower, destroy some so fewer adds will be present. 

Another set of cannons is being built so keep an eye out for Charr Copters. These will drop scrap on the ground, which you need to pick up and throw at the builders or walk up to the building site and interact with it. 

When they are all built, they will shoot the Claw which will shoot them back and three Centurions will pop up. The trio will keep the cannons inoperable so make sure you bring them down ASAP. When they are down and cannons are free, they will shoot the Claw, which will get trapped under a mountain, bringing you to the next phase of the fight.

Jump into the chasm, avoid getting crushed by falling rocks and then stand behind them for cover. Claw will send AoE attacks that will not affect you as long as you're in the rock's protection area. Keep trying to damage it however you can and the Claw will get enraged when it's down to very low health.

When it goes berserk, it will switch to the other side of the chasm and you have to give it your all at this point. The monster will cause extreme AoE damage and CC so dish out all the damage as soon as possible. Remember that you can jump over the circular waves of icy spikes it shoots out.

Aftermath and the loot fest

Loot the nearby chests and open the map to see a pile of new chests on the map. You can use the territories under friendly control to airdrop near them and open all the chests, provided you have enough keys. The meta is quite generous so you should be all set for the chest-a-palooza.

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