Ghostwire Tokyo: Starting tips and tricks

Published: 16:55, 05 April 2023
Ghostwire Tokyo: Beginners' tips and tricks
Ghostwire Tokyo: Beginners' tips and tricks

Given the impending release of Ghostwire Tokyo for Xbox Series X|S, we've compiled a list of beginner's tips for those who will be playing this game for the first time, whether on Xbox or another platform.

If you are an Xbox Game Pass owner, then the upcoming month might be very interesting , with some very good titles coming to this service. One of those titles is, without doubt, timed PlayStation and PC exclusive Ghostwire Tokyo whose exclusivity ends in April, when it will become available for Xbox Series X|S .

Regardless of platform, if this is your first time playing this Bethesda 's first-person action adventure, some starting tips will be much appreciated, as Ghostwire Tokyo is not for everyone and you can easily give up on it due to some misunderstood mechanics, which could be a real shame given the amount of fun and quality gameplay it can provide.

In this guide, we'll give you some pointers on how to get the most out of this truly unique and intriguing action adventure.

Ghostwire Tokyo beginners' tips 

Don't get distracted by collectables at the beginning of the game

Shibuya is a very big place, and once you start playing Ghostwire Tokyo, it might tempt you with its shine to immediately start exploring the city in search of various collectables. As much as it is tempting, don't do that; instead do several opening missions to gain some very important powers which will allow you to reach the places you won't be able to without them.

Bethesda Ghostwire Tokyo has a beautiful, large open world Ghostwire Tokyo has a beautiful, large open world

Collect all relics as soon as they are available

In Ghostwire Tokyo, you will need a lot of money to buy various items that will be of crucial importance to you while adventuring throughout the ghost town of Shibuya. The money will be needed for buying food and drinks, which will be used to restore health, various outfits, and even information about where some collectables are located.

The best way to earn a lot of money is to do errands for special vendors scattered all over Shibuya. Each vendor will have different requests, and once you highlight them, you will be able to track their general location. As soon as you are able, do as many of those errands as possible, first, they will provide you with lots of money, and second, you will need them all if you are hunting for trophies/achievements.

Bethesda Tengu is a flying creature you can use to scale large buildings in Ghostwire Tokyo Tengu is a flying creature you can use to scale large buildings in Ghostwire Tokyo

Amenotori X skill is a lifesaver

Early in the game, you will be presented with Tengu, the flying creatures you can use to scale large buildings. To climb the buildings, Akito will have to find the stairs or ladders, or sometimes even glide from a higher building to reach some specific rooftop. Some big buildings, especially the ones in downtown Shibuya, will have Tengu flying near the edges for you to easily grapple on them.

However, one of the skills in the skills menu, once unlocked will allow you to summon this creature whenever you want, all you have to do is to aim for the edge and press the jump button, and you will find yourself on the rooftop in no time. So, as soon as you are allowed to, navigate to the skill menu and unlock the skill called Amenotori X, you can thank us later.

Bethesda Ghostwire Tokyo: Hyakki Yako (Ghost Parade) looks more scarry than it is Ghostwire Tokyo: Hyakki Yako (Ghost Parade) looks scarier than it is

Don't evade Hyakki Yako 

Even though the big ghost parade with a giant cat can be quite frightening, don't listen to KK to hide from it. Whenever you run into Hyakki Yako on the streets of Shibuya, head towards it and prepare to engage in some serious combat. Don't worry, you will not face a giant cat, it is there only for a show. 

There are several trophies/achievements linked to finding and saving all the lost spirits in the game, and if you zoom out on the in-game map, you can see that one of three places you may find the spirits is Hyakki Yako or Ghost Parade. To complete the ghost requirements for Hyakki Yako, you will need to attack eight parades, and if you miss facing them during your playthrough, you will have to wait three hours in real time for Hyakki Yako to respawn, which will mean a lot of waiting.

AltChar Ghostwire Tokyo: always donate 500 Meika Ghostwire Tokyo: always donate 500 Meika

Donate money

Whenever the opportunity presents itself, donate money to the shrines and always choose to donate 500 Meika. This will allow you to find the locations of Jizo Statues and some other collectables you will need to complete the game 100 per cent. However, do not choose the options such as "I want to eat the best caviar in the world," because it will be just a waste of money. 

And last but not least, enjoy Ghostwire Tokyo, because you will not find a lot of games with such stunning visuals, original game design, and unique combat system. 


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