Call of Duty: Warzone - How to fix random crashing and freezing issues?

Published: 11:29, 11 March 2020
Updated: 13:26, 12 March 2020
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Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone PC players are reporting various freezing and crashing issues without error code just minutes after the match starts. Here are some of the solutions you can try before Activision deploy a patch.

Activision's free to play battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone has finally arrived but just like the majority of big online shooters, Warzone is not without its flaws at launch. Many players are reporting random crashing issues on PC, while on PS4, big FPS drops and stuttering are party poopers.

Since the game just released this week, it safe to say that a patch will not arrive anytime soon but until we get an official fix for these issues, you can try some other solutions that have reduced or completely fixed the "no error code" crashing issues.


If you have MSI Afterburner, NZXT Cam or any other hardware monitoring software with the in-game overlay enabled, try disabling these programs and then run the game. Players report that this fixed the issue and we can also confirm that this helped us with crashing issues in Modern Warfare when the game initially released.


If your frame rate is unlocked, a crash can happen when a big FPS spike occurs, which puts way too much load on your CPU, leading to a random crash. Just go to Graphics options, enable Custom Framerate Limit and set your FPS limit to a safe number like 60 or 80.


Crashing issues in Modern Warfare are usually caused once your CPU and GPU have way too much work to do. You can try to fix the issue by lowering your in-game settings. Again, we can confirm that this has worked in Modern Warfare so it is worth trying in Warzone, it is the same game after all.


If the crashing still persists, try updating your graphics drivers to the latest version. Nvidia recently released 442.59 WHQL drivers specifically for Warzone while AMD are yet to release their own Warzone package. You can find the drivers for AMD here, while the green team can download theirs here .

Call of Duty: Warzone

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COD: Warzone

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