Borderlands 3 - week two of Maurice's Community Carnage Challenges

Published: 16:22, 21 October 2021
Borderlands 3 - FL4K's "Trapper" skill tree
Borderlands 3 - FL4K's "Trapper" skill tree

Maurice's Community Carnage Challenges continue into week two. The Vault Hunters have successfully completed the first week's challenge and been rewarded with a special SHiFT key.

Congratulations, Vault Hunters, you've managed to kill a member of the Traunt family 500,000 times and earned a SHiFT key for the Ratch Rider Head. This week's Borderlands 3 update has been dispatched and the Community Carnage Challenge's week two activated. Bonus: sniper rifle damage has been increased across the board.

Maurice's Community Carnage Challenge - Week two

Long-Distance Relations

The new Community Carnage Challenge tasks the Vault Hunters with defeating 20 million enemies with sniper rifles in exchange for a special SHiFT reward. You can drain the health pool of your foes whichever way you like, but the killing blow must be dealt with a sniper rifle. No additional effects such as damage over time or explosive damage are allowed.

Gearbox Borderlands 3 - Maurice the Saurian Borderlands 3 - Maurice the Saurian

Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine

Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine will, per tradition, also get a new temporary home. The machine will be moved to a new location on Thursdays at 16:00 GMT (9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET). The change is activated via a hotfix.

Update: Buff to Sniper Rifles damage

Increased Weapon Damage

A flat damage buff has been applied to sniper rifles to beef them up and make them a bit more lethal throughout the entirety of the game. Once these changes have settled, unique sniper rifles will be balanced as necessary.

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