Boatswain Ambrose's location New World

Published: 11:07, 30 September 2021
New World - Cave where Boatswain Ambrose resides
New World - Cave where Boatswain Ambrose resides

New World's questing can get confusing at times for the new players and One Threat at a Time is one such adventure. Here is how to find one of the required enemies.

One Threat at a Time quest sends the New World players to deal with Boatswain Ambrose and Quartermaster Zebulon, both undead pirates. Zebulon is pretty easy to find since you will probably meet him as soon as you board the docked ship.

However, if you climbed several flights of stairs and found a bunch of other players waiting for Boatswain Ambrose to respawn, you came to the wrong place. Considering you are reading this guide now, it's possible you figured it out and are looking for his real location.

In order to reach Ambrose, you will need to climb all the way down to the ground level, below the boardwalk. Then follow the marker on your compass and you should stumble upon a cave entrance. Boatswain Ambrose is found halfway through the cave, exactly between the two entry points for the cave.

If this description is not particularly clear, you can also check the map below to see the entrances and see the picture above for reference on what it looks like.

Amazon New World New World

The entrance that is pictured on the first image is located exactly where the player icon is on this map. You can also use the entrance on the opposite side of the cave.

Boatswain Ambrose is fairly tough for lower level characters, especially if you are using Thrust damage, to which he has high resistance. It would be wise to team up with some of the surrounding players in order to take him down as stabbing the pirate in the back will yield much better damage and a quick way to bring him down.

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