Black Book: how to defeat the final boss

Published: 13:01, 23 August 2021
Black Book - The gates of Hell are a living, breathing thing.
Black Book - The gates of Hell are a living, breathing thing.

Black Book's final boss is a doozy but still doesn't stand a chance against the most powerful witch in heaven, on earth or under the earth.

So you've managed to break all the seals and found yourself face to fang with Satan himself. He has a few tricks up his sleeve so here's how to defeat the final chort. 

Before the storm

Break-Herb proved quite useful as it removes the enemy's shields. 

Items I had equipped are as follows:

  • Fern Flower - Resistance to Waste, Curse and Poison.
  • Little Doll - 30 per cent chance statuses inflicted by Vasilisa last an extra round.
  • Witching Bottle - 40 per cent chance herbs won't disappear after use.
  • Offering to the Leshy - Strengthens Curse.
  • Maidenly Headband - +15 health.
  • Kupala Salve - Gives 5 health each round.

Morteshka Black Book - Equipped items for the final boss fight Black Book - Equipped items for the final boss fight

Black Book pages to equip

When coming up to the altar make sure you don't go too close and risk triggering the cutscene before making some adjustments to your Black Book.

Go ahead and remove all healing pages and those that grant defence. I left the tried and true pages that deal a bunch of damage

The most important pages you will need are Omur River, Pavlushka, Blight and Lazarus:

  • Omur River will inflict damage equal to health lost in the previous turn.
  • Pavlushka card eliminates the enemy's defences but can only be used once. (Swipe card). Break-Herb has the same effect.
  • Blight - Next attack deals 1 damage.
  • Lazarus card returns Vasilisa to life. (Swipe card)

How to win against Satan 

Go in and throw all kinds of damage you've equipped at him. Make sure to cast Lazarus as soon as it shows up but DO NOT use any of the other important cards. For this, you'll need to wait for him to cast "To Satan's Joy",

To Satan's Joy is a spell that grants the serpent a shield as strong as the number of the Sins you've accumulated during your playthrough and an equal attack strength (bolstered by Bless). This means that Satan can now one-hit Vasilisa and get back home in time for dinner. 

Morteshka Black Book - defeating Satan Black Book - defeating Satan

Once he's cast his infernal spell, you can use the Break-Herb to eliminate his defences and hit him once again with everything you've got. Use Blight as well to survive one more round and take away another chunk of his health. In short use anything you want EXCEPT Omur River and Pavlushka but make sure you also use the Break-Herb so your attacks actually find their target. 

Do the dance one more time, say your goodbyes to the world for a moment, and after you've come back from the dead, put Pavlushka at the beginning of your zagovor, followed by Omur River and all other pages and gestures you've got. This way the fight doesn't drag on for too long and you get a clean kill.

This method has now worked a couple of times I went back to see the endings that were available.

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