Black Book decoction puzzle guide

Published: 11:41, 23 August 2021
Black Book - the underwater cemetery
Black Book - the underwater cemetery

One of Black Book's many puzzles is a well-known canister conundrum the players will need to solve in order to move the game along. This is how I managed to cure the peasant.

Black Book has its players run around solving all kinds of problems on the path to breaking the last seal. One of the puzzles that had me scratching my head for a hot minute was the decoction puzzle. I was so keen on solving it that I failed to take a screenshot of my ordeal so we'll have to rely on words here.

The rules

All bottles will always be filled to their maximum capacity. You can empty the containers as you please but clicking the "Empty" button will drain all the liquid from the selected vessel. This puzzle can be repeated ad nauseam.

The order of the bottles

We have three bottles all with different cubic capacities. The largest bottle is on the right and holds eight (8) units of the cure. The smallest bottle is in the middle and can house three (3) units. Finally, we have the medium bottle on the left and it can contain five (5) units of the cure.

Morteshka Black Book - Vasilisa inside her magic circle Black Book - Vasilisa inside her magic circle

The process

Vasilisa starts with eight (8) units of the cure in the largest bottle on the right and has to get it down to four (4) units to complete the puzzle. Here's how I managed.

The steps
  1. Pour the cure from the largest into the smallest bottle.
  2. Transfer the liquid from the smallest to the middle bottle.
  3. Repeat step one (Pour the cure from the largest into the smallest bottle.)
  4. Empty the largest bottle.
  5. Pour from the smallest into the middle bottle. This will leave one unit of the cure in the smallest bottle. Transfer that one unit into the largest bottle.
  6. Pour from the middle bottle into the small one.
  7. Transfer the three units of the cure from the smallest bottle into the largest one. This leaves you with four (4) units of cure in the largest bottle.
  8. Cure the peasant and continue your journey.
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