Beta inspired guide to New World home buying strategies

Published: 03:14, 11 August 2021
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New World - House
Buying property in New World is getting too close the the real world

For those of us who hope New World will be their land of adventure for the foreseeable future, finding a home in the game sounds extremely alluring. This is no easy task, however, and to do so take some research, which we have done for you.

Whether it's for the players focused on exploring the world, or those looking to make some permanent marks on it, or basses from which they spread their influence, buying homes is definitely the foundation stone.

The first thing that must be mentioned is not to group your homes together when buying them. Having one in the bottom SW region, WW or Everfall, the SE or East region, and the mid-North region will give you much more versatility and travel options.

They should depend on resource availability, station tiers, and population for the most part. You will also be able to cover more of the map for cheap or free with the house fast travel, along with being able to fast and travel from any location on the map, since only inns let you travel from anywhere aside from houses.

If you plan to do any crafting/gathering, it would appear that the meta will be owning three houses.

 Crafting trophies give up to a five GS bonus to crafted items for that profession, and though you can only have one of each per house, you can have duplicates across your houses. So you can have three Engineering trophies, one for each house.

Cheap houses can hold just as many trophies as expensive ones, the main benefit for the expensive houses is more slots for storage chests, which is not as important at the beginning of the game, so don't go around splurging on expensive houses immediately, that is, not all of them at least.

Instead buy the most expensive house first, as the 50% discount also applies to the property tax, which gets quite hefty if you have 3 houses. After that buy the cheap houses just for the trophy stacking, as the extra storage is, in most cases, not worth the investment.

Amazon game Studios New World - In-game screenshot of in-progress crafting New World - In-game screenshot of in-progress crafting

All this leads to buying houses in areas such as Windsward, Cutlass Keys, and Everfall. These will make it possible to arrange iron or hemp runs from Widsward to Cutlass Keys, along with the high-end crafting nodes at Everfall.

All of this information is, of course, liable to change as it was based on the beta experience and we are still uncertain what awaits us at launch in September.

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