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Massive Entertainment may reduce The Division 2 raid difficulty

Picture of a heavy with a minigun in The Division 2
The Division 2

Massive Entertainment have stated they might change the Dark Hours raid difficulty in The Division 2. This statement came about the same time people started reporting their success in completing the raid on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

One of the first, if not the first PlayStation 4 team to beat the Dark Hours raid in The Division 2 reported their success on the game's subreddit, which prompted Ubisoft's community manager, Johan, to congratulate them. His response was soon met with cynical responses and backhanded compliments.

One of them congratulated Massive Entertainment on creating a raid that "no normal players would ever accomplish". The discussion continued as Johan responded by stating that Massive specifically crafting Dark Hours to be the most challenging content in the franchise so far but they are also monitoring player feedback.

He continued by saying that future tweaks to the raid are not out of the picture either, meaning the content could indeed become easier in the future. 

Originally, many players wanted the raid to become easier with the inability to finish it on a console being one of the driving arguments for that. Now, it is more of a divisive topic since it took the console players about three days to clear it which is by no means something unheard of.

Raids come from MMOs like World of Warcraft and some of that game's raids took literal months to complete. While a portion of The Division 2 players are still arguing this isn't World of Warcraft, it doesn't mean the raid shouldn't be challenging.

Casual players that can't commit so many hours to learn and complete a raid are definitely a portion of the community but they are not the entirety of it. The Division 2 certainly has hardcore players and they should not be denied tougher content.

UbisoftPicture of a heavy with a minigun in The Division 2 People also like to be rewarded for completing challenging content

Keep in mind that Johan is a community manager and his word is therefore not final. No game designers have spoken about lowering the raid's difficulty in the future as of yet.