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First look at Dark Zone gameplay in The Division 2

picture showing two soldiers in the dark zone
The Division 2

Xbox YouTube channel shared and quickly deleted a video which featured a clip of Dark Zone gameplay from The Division 2. The video shows a four-man squad taking on the True Sons mercenary group in the Easter Recon part of the Dark Zone.

It looks like people behind Xbox's YouTube channel were a bit quick to share a first look at the Dark Zone in The Division 2. The video which showed off the most anticipated games in 2019 also featured a couple of short clips from The Division 2 gameplay set in the Dark Zone.

There are a couple of pretty interesting things in the clips and one of them suggests that The Division 2 could feature multiple Dark Zones. The location indicator shows that the combat is taking place in Dark Zone East Recon.

This is not officially confirmed yet as both Ubisoft and Massive were quiet on PVP areas in The Division 2 since the game's reveal. Of course, it's always possible that East Recon could be just a part of one large Dark Zone area similar to the one seen in the first game.

Another noticeable thing is the staggering five armour bars above the player's health. It looks a bit different when compared to the E3 2018 gameplay but one of the clips shows a player taking a shotgun hit which destroyed a full armour bar and that could suggest that armour only looks tanky but it doesn't actually work that way.

There is also some rogue gameplay which shows that Manhunt is now called Disavowed Rank. The rogue icon and timers are still there and they look almost the same as in The Division. A sequence that shows combat during the night and a small sneak peek at one of the overgrown areas was also included in the video.

UbisoftPicture of an SHD agent shooting behind a treeThe Division 2

You can watch the gameplay on Digs YouTube channel who was quick enough to save and upload the 40 second part of Xbox's video.