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Ghost of Tsushima dev wanted to bring samurai fantasy to life

Sucker Punch Productions
A samurai and bowman standing in sunset in Ghost of Tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker Punch's creative director Nate Fox recently said that his team were so focused on making their katana-wielding E3 gem Ghost of Tsushima as authentic as possible, reinforcing the main idea - the fantasy of a wandering samurai.

In fact, Fox said that just about every decision made on Ghost of Tsushima was tested with a single question, "Is this going to make you feel more like a wandering samurai?" And as Suckerpunch wisely put it before - who doesn't like being a samurai.

Even though Ghost of Tsushima is technically an open-world game, it takes place on Tsushima Island, so it doesn't boast the scale you'll see in some of its in-house colleagues like God of War or Spider-Man. Nevertheless, the island is a historical and cultural goldmine, not least for being located halfway between Japan and the Korean mainland, which should be signal enough for history buffs.

Speaking of history, Fox admitted that the team sought help from experts in various fields, so as to accurately depict the year 1274, which is when Ghost of Tsushima's story takes place. "It's been interesting working on this game because in past titles we've been able to make it up, frankly", Fox said.

From historians to katana experts, Ghost of Tsushima had plentiful input and even their Japanese colleagues would spare "advice on cultural norms", for which Fox is very grateful. It all combined into one big learning experience, he said, which ultimately benefited the game too.

Sucker Punch ProductionsA man leading a horse across a field in Ghost of TsushimaGhost of Tsushima

Fox thinks that the industry would greatly benefit from more creative exploration when it comes to in-game settings, a recipe which he says worked magnificently for God of War's Norse excursion, Horizon: Zero Dawn's surreal landscapes and even Assassin's Creed: Odyssey's Greece. " As a gamer, I really wanted to play an open-world samurai game. And that's just one excellent place in history - there are so many more", Fox said.

You can find Fox's interview here, see Ghost of Tsushima's gameplay or check out more screenshots below.