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Rockstar's workers claim crunch allegations are overblown

Rockstar Games
Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V
GTA V's Trevor

In an attempt to put a stop to allegations of health-threatening work environment in Rockstar, the company's human resources department lifted their no-work-talk policy on social media and let their employees speak openly on the issue.

The entire ordeal came about when Dan Houser's interview on Red Dead Redemption 2, where he mentioned 100 hour weeks. Another former employee said that working on GTA V was like having a gun to your head 7 days a week.

However, the current crop of employees are telling a different story and although they're not denying there have been some high octane weeks leading up to launch events, none of them came close to the aforementioned 100 hours. In fact, a single almost-80 hour week is the worst one mentioned.

Scripter at Rockstar North, which is Rockstart Scotland for you, going by the twitter name Hallwain said that it was a lot worse in his first few years, as he recalls several "70+ hour weeks. The worst it ever got I think was just shy of 80 hours."

Martin from Rockstar North, which is Rockstar Scotland for you, tweeted, "I've spent nearly 5 years at Rockstar North. Number of 100 hour weeks done? Zero. Number of times i've been given any pressure for that? Zero. I've also been promoted during that time. I love working here, otherwise i'd go work somewhere else".

Producer Rich Rosado from Rockstar NYC said that he has never been asked to work a 100 hour work week in more than 18 years he's been with the company. His colleague Mara, going by the twitter handle LilBigTrouble, echoed the sentiment, adding that her request for a single week off due to surgery was doubled by the management in the month of release.

Rockstar GamesTrevor from Grand Theft Auto VRed Dead Redemption 2

If you're like me, you probably felt like it's a bit strange that Rockstar would do this but having had some time to think about it, they probably handled it the best way possible. After all, trying to clamp down on any discussion always backfires, so perhaps it's best to let people talk and figure out for themselves whether there was any truth behind the rumours.