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Red Dead Online: Moonshiners update adds new missions, Outlaw Pass 2 and more

Published: 17:09, 13 December 2019
Rockstar Games
Red Dead Online, Moonshiners role
Red Dead Online, Moonshiners

Red Dead Online has received another major update. Named Moonshiners, the update brings new missions, weapons, items along with the new battle pass, fancily named The Outlaw Pass No.2.

Rockstar Games have another batch of fresh Red Dead Online content ready for all players. Today, the publisher released the Moonshiners update, which is one of the biggest content drops since the online version of Red Dead Redemption 2 released.

The update brings role-specific missions, brand new weapons, items and the second Outlaw Pass, which is basically a fancy name for your standard battle pass.

With the new update, you can start your own Moonshine business by teaming up with an infamous distiller. However, to be able to start the new content, you'll need to get to at least rank 5 as a trader or simply complete one trader sell mission. Nothing too hard really.

"To run a proper shine trade – not some backwoods Lemoyne Raiders operation – you’ll need a property. Throw in with Maggie to purchase one of five Moonshining Shacks from which you’ll conduct your business. Once you’ve sourced your cook and equipment, Maggie will maintain the homestead’s front upstairs while the art of distillation takes place downstairs. The basement has room for optional expansions including a Bar, space for a band and a dancefloor, with additional upgrades for your moonshining equipment," the instructions say.

As expected, the new journey will come with a lot of story missions that you can take on solo or with your Posse. Each of these missions will earn you benefits to propel the business forward, as you eliminate rival Moonshiners, learn new recipes and find customers. 

Rockstar Games screenshot from Red Dead Online Moonshiners showing three characters Red Dead Online Moonshiners

Like all Specialist Roles, the Moonshiner features its own unique progression path that unlocks bespoke apparel and accessories, equipment upgrades to improve the business, new weapons like the Flammable Moonshine Jug, and a unique ornamental design for the Sawed-Off Shotgun, new Horse Breeds and more.

As for the Outlaw Pass No.2, it brings all-new clothing and accessories, XP boosts and Gold gifts up to 40 Gold Bars. In addition, the free Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Club Membership entitles you to select perks as you accumulate XP up until 10 March 2020. All Red Dead Online players are automatically enrolled in the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Club just by playing.

For more details on The Outlaw Pass No. 2 and all other content in Moonshiners update, visit

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