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H1Z1 leaves Early Access after squatting for 3 years

Published: 10:36, 01 March 2018
Daybreak Game Company
Poster for H1Z1 showing the many customization options for your character.

H1Z1 will mark 28 February 2018 as the day it finally left Early Access on Steam. Daybreak Game Company have been looking for a way to enter the Battle Royale market with something unique - they opted out for a large scale demolition derby.

H1Z1 enjoyed a lot of success during its early Battle Royale days, until the game got knocked off the throne by PUBG, and was overtaken by Fortnite as well later on. Now it is leaving Early Access with its somewhat different take on Battle Royale called ''Auto Royale''. 

As the name implies, you will be fighting opponents until there is only one car left standing. Players will be organised in teams of four and will be duking it out against 29 other teams. The game mode will feature several different power-ups such as land mines, smoke grenades and repair kits.

Daybreak Game Company H1Z1 Auto Royale promotional poster showing three people shooting out of a sedan. H1Z1 Auto Royale

There will be different car classes, sedans are agile and manoeuvrable but they are not as resilient as Armoured Recon Vehicles. Both of them will be new additions to the game. Another novelty will be the Light Machine gun which will have higher sustained damage than any other weapon in the game. It will most likely be introduced as the optimal car demolisher.

Other than the standard power-ups listed above, there will be nitro boosts and car jump ramps that should spice the game up. This game mode is highly reminiscent of Twisted Metal, except the cars themselves aren't unique picks for one player. They will be highly customizable units made out of four players.

Daybreak Game Company Screenshot from H1Z1 showing the Armoured Recon Vehicle. H1Z1 Auto Royale

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