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You can now captain fleets in No Man's Sky, thanks to Endurance update

Published: 21:58, 20 July 2022
Updated: 00:06, 21 July 2022
No Man's Sky - Endurance
No Man's Sky - Endurance

No Man's Sky is getting another chunky update as Endurance kicks in, allowing the players to fulfil a few more of their sci-fi fantasies.

Foundation introduced the freighters to No Man's Sky but Endurance is kicking it up a notch, allowing the players to captain not just one vessel but an actual fleet. Becoming admiral will allow them to explore unknown portions of space but the update also brings an overhaul for the freighters and fleets.

With this overhaul comes the ability to live on them and make yourself a mobile home among the stars. The new bridge will feature several quality-of-life improvements such as instant warping and teleportation.

On top of that, there is the ability to build freighter bases bigger than anything before, which will allow for areas specialised in growing food, manufacturing and the ability to scan planets from space.

While exploring the depths of space with your fleet might be good enough for some players, others might yearn for other content and Hello Games kept that in mind as well. Polestar is the new expedition that is focused on capital ship voyages while those who prefer action in space will have combat-focused Nexus missions to enjoy.

These may just the highlights but the update has even more to offer , with teasers for just about everything being displayed on the official site. 

Alternatively, you can just go through the trailer above.

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