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XIII Remake weapons partially explained in a trailer

Published: 02:05, 19 October 2020
XIII Remake
XIII Remake

XIII Remake is hotly anticipated by the fans of the game's original run and the remake is just around the corner but it's preceded by the first look at weapons and how they work.

Good old weapons trailer showcased several items XIII will be able to utilise to go through the groups of enemies he will be facing in the Remake. The first among them will be 9mm pistol which is a versatile weapon but ultimately outclassed by other things you can pick up. 

Another sidearm, the .44 magnum, will have more stopping power and the fan fire mode for quick unloading but unlike 9mm, it lacks subtlety granted by a suppressor or the potential firepower increase with the akimbo ability.

M16 with the underbarrel grenade launcher is the classic from many video games and action movies. It is literally the same weapon Dutch carried while being hunted by the Predator and a classic such as XIII just wouldn't be complete without it. The primary fire is able to mow enemies down in smaller groups but if they manage to gang up too much, you can pop them all with the M203 UBGL.

If you like big explosions in comic book style, the Bazooka will not let you down but if you prefer a more discrete approach, suppressing the 9mm pistol or going with throwing knives will be more your speed.

Alternatively, you can pick up objects from the environment and use them to bash the enemies' heads in. Keep in mind that we didn't go through all the weapons from the trailer and the trailer itself didn't cover the entire arsenal of XIII. AK47 is one good example - you can briefly see it being used but there is no broader coverage, probably to avoid spoiling all the fun the game has to offer.

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