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Microids apologise for XIII's launch state

Published: 03:55, 14 November 2020
Promotional image for XIII Remaster by Microids and PlayMagic
XIII Remaster

Microids and Playmagic offered an apology for the poor state XIII Remake was released in and provided a glimpse into the future treatment of the game.

XIII was a cult classic and as such, it was bound to have a passionate fan base. One would think that would be a deterrent to release a game in an unfinished state but that wasn't the case.

The joint statement from the developer and publisher admitted as much since they explicitly said "XIII does not meet [their] quality standards" right after apologising for the game's technical issues. 

Furthermore, the team noted they "fully understand players' frustrations" and cited the pandemic as a factor that impacted the game's production. The main culprit here is apparently the work from home shift which caused problems with the development schedule and the QA process. Devs hoped to provide a day one patch that would deal with these issues but it wasn't rolled out in time.

That said, they pledged to keep working on XIII's problems with "multiple patches in the upcoming days and weeks" which are supposed to smooth things out.

On top of that, the team is working on a roadmap which will show the upcoming free additions to XIII such as the new levels, weapons, skins and modes for the local multiplayer.

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