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Cult classic XIII is getting a remake treatment in 2019

Published: 12:28, 19 April 2019
Promotional image for XIII Remaster by Microids and PlayMagic
XIII Remaster

XIII is a conspiracy-driven FPS game from the early 2000s that captured the hearts of many but never became a worldwide hit and was forgotten for over two decades. Microids and PlayMagic have now announced a XIII remaster but no sequel.

XIII will remind many players of the Jason Bourne movie trilogy, except the camera work was not done by a person who had a recent hammer drill session. The protagonist wakes up with amnesia and is accused of killing the president of USA and then proceeds to kill a pile of people in order to prove his innocence.

The who setting originated in Belgian comics, which is part of the reason why Ubisoft originally went for cel-shading. Players can see comic book inserts throughout the gameplay in a manner somewhat similar to the more recent Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse movie.

Ubisoft are apparently not involved in the remaster though as PlayMagic and Microids are the companies behind it. While some players may be led to believe this is a remake, PlayMagic's website clearly states the developers are working on a "remaster of a blockbuster title from second-generation consoles".

Therefore, it would be slightly too ambitious to expect the same treatment Resident Evil 2 received but a remaster will likely be popular regardless.

The trailer above mentions PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC / MAC as available platforms but there is no confirmation or hint which storefronts it will be sold on. Possibility of the game going for Epic Games Store exclusivity is not of the table.

According to the description in the trailer, players will be able to play through 34 levels of the solo campaign while searching for answers, uncovering a conspiracy and duking it out with The Mongoose.

Microids Picture of a sniper rifle in Microids' XIII Remaster XIII Remaster

XIII remaster will be released on 13 November 2019 on all available platforms, worldwide, provided there are no unforeseen delays in the meantime. It will be great to hear agent Mulder voice XIII again.

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