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Xbox teases Game Pass announcements at The Game Awards

Published: 15:38, 02 December 2020
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In yesterday's post regarding new Game Pass arrivals, Xbox have teased a potential announcement at the Game Awards show, which is coming next week. "See you at the Game Awards friends," the wrote.

Xbox recently announced new Game Pass additions and believe it or not, seventeen new titles will be joining the popular subscription service in December 2020, including some heavy hitters like Control, Rage 2, Doom Eternal on PC and a lot more.

The additions were announced in a blog post, which is how Xbox usually reveal Game Pass news, and in the same blog post, Xbox might have teased new announcements for the Game Awards show, which is just around the corner.

At the very end of the blog post , Xbox Game Pass Community Manager Megan Spurr wrote:  "Follow Xbox Game Pass on Twitter and Instagram and Xbox Game Pass for PC on Twitter for a reminder when each game is ready for you to download and play. See you at the Game Awards friends!"

Xbox artwork showing pc, monitor, keyboard and mouse and xbox controller Xbox Game Pass

There, at the end of that sentence, Xbox teases an appearance on the Game Awards but sadly, we do not know the scope of their plans for TGA. Is it possible that Xbox have something big to share? Of course, it is and TGA show seems like a perfect place to do so. 

On the other hand, it could be nothing but we doubt that's the case. You don't book the Game Awards appearance just to say "Hi". Fingers crossed for some sweet Game Pass additions.

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