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Xbox One is getting a 'do not disturb' button and time-dependent themes

Published: 15:27, 10 January 2018
Updated: 15:51, 10 January 2018
Xbox One

Xbox Insiders will be getting a bunch of new features in the coming weeks. The update that added the "Next Achievements" feature went live on 08 January, 2018. Upcoming weeks will bring the "Do not disturb" button and some comment updates.

Microsoft has started rolling out a variety of new features for the Xbox Insiders crowd. The features are to be tested and released into the real world once they've been optimised for their life in the wild. 

The latest Xbox One system update went live on 08 January. The update enabled the "Next Achievements" feature in the Guide. This new bit of functionality lets the players view and sort a cross-games list of their upcoming Achievements. This means the players will be able to see which Achievements they are closest to and proceed to launch the corresponding game in order to obtain them. A bunch of filters will allow for customization of the feature.

Microsoft Xbox One - Next Achievements feature Xbox One - Next Achievements feature

Mini Game Hubs that'll be available in the Guide are coming soon. The feature will include content from recently played games such as "friends who are currently playing, upcoming Achievements, Looking for Group posts, and more". 

If you are in a desperate need of a "Do not disturb" button when focusing on a game, one will be provided as part of the upcoming update. Enabling this will suppress notifications and let your friends know that you’re not available for another game or activity at the moment. Moms will continue to insist you pause an online game so you can come and eat regardless.

The community feed is being tweaked in order to make it easier to view comments. It will let you read the latest brain flatulence of whoever commented on a post most recently, while you're viewing the activity in full screen no less, so there's no escaping the opinionated crowd. 

Microsoft Product photography of Sea of Thieves Xbox controller in purple and green. Xbox Controller, Sea of Thieves

Players will also be given the opportunity to set their Xbox to auto-sleep "after one or six hours of inactivity", or whichever comes first. Another time-related feature will come in the form of a "theme schedule". The schedule will be based on the time of day, and change the look of your theme according to it.

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