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Xbox One Spring update adds 1440p output, shared controls via Mixer

Published: 16:17, 02 March 2018
Black Xbox One console against a black bacground
Xbox One

Xbox One owners are going to have one heck of a Spring, even more so if they are in Xbox Insider Alpha Ring, whose members will first get their mitts on the new update that adds 1440p, Mixer goof offs and more.

Even though a seemingly trivial move, 1440p is a niche resolution that seems to make a lot of sense. Even though most users use TVs, which don't often come in 1440p, at least it provides an option for different displays, which in turn further boosts portability of the Xbox One series. 

In a seriously goofy move, Microsoft introduced a 'share controller' option in Mixer, allowing players to hand over controls to players watching. This may result in some serious hilariousness, let's just see if the lag allows for fun.

Microsoft Footage of the game Cuphead in an operating system window Cuphead on Mixer's shared controls.

Mixer streams will no longer exit when you switch games - users will simply see a pause screen. Moreover, you can start streaming virtually from anywhere - dashboard, splash screen or from the game.

There have been some improvements to Microsoft Edge browser as well and the Guide now offers an option to balance user played audio with game audio, just in case you prefer to listen to your own tunes.

Microsoft claim the feeds will be smarter and you can now disable comments on a wider scale. Finally, the tournaments "are now available directly in Game Hubs".

Microsoft Xbox One graphics menu with newly added 1440p option Xbox One 1440p support

Microsoft announced the 1440p support back in November 2017 and they were true to their word. The support comes as a contrast to PlayStation 4's hard choice between 1080p or 4K, with upscaling taking care of everything in between, which doesn't really turn out great.

With all platforms inevitably gravitating towards cross-platform compatibility, Microsoft seems to position their consoles as portable cross-platform solutions that augment the PC experience, instead of competing with it. It's the games that matter, right?

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