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Xbox officially announce partnership with Hideo Kojima

Published: 19:08, 12 June 2022
screenshot showing hideo kojima and xbox logo
Hideo Kojima's next game could be Xbox exclusive

Hideo Kojima will work on a cloud-based exclusive game for Xbox and PC. 

It's official! After many leaks, rumours and speculation, Xbox have finally announced a massive partnership with one of the biggest game designers in the world - Hideo Kojima.

Kojima and Xbox will be working on a cloud-based title for the Xbox ecosystem. They promise it will be a never before seen experience, so expect all sorts of weirdness.

"Xbox Game Studios & Kojima Productions are partnering to create a video game for Xbox like no one has ever experienced before, leveraging the cloud. Hideo Kojima is one of the most innovative minds in our industry, and we can’t wait to share what our teams will create," they said in the announcement.

Kojima said this is a game he always wanted to make and now with the cutting-edge cloud tech, he finally has the proper tools for such a feat.

And that's basically everything we know about the game. Kojima said it may take a while before we see it so don't expect any details about this mysterious project anytime soon. 

Some earlier rumours stated that the game could be an episodic horror title, which certainly sounds exciting but since that's not official info, take it with a grain of salt until we get official details. 

This is the first partnership between Hideo Kojima and Xbox. The Japanese game designer usually worked with Xbox's main competitor PlayStation over the years but it looks like he decided to give it a go with Microsoft, for his dream game. 

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