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WoW Blackwing Lair will be available on February 10

Published: 08:56, 06 February 2022
World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft

Gather your most trusted friends and undertake a perilous journey into the heart of the mountain to loot all the treasures you can find. Beware of the eight bosses, though.

The developers have advised us as to the location of the dungeon itself and the steps needed to enter it. Blackwing Lair is located at the top of Blackrock Spire. You can enter the mountain from either the Burning Steppes or via the Searing Gorge. The dungeon opens up on February 10, at 3 p.m. PST.

Players will need to head towards Blackrock Spire and use the passageway on the right. Once here, you’ll need to fight your way through the Scarshield Legion to get to the Scarshield Quartermaster, who is important for his drops. Upon killing him, you’ll be able to loot the item called Blackhand’s Command. Right-clicking it will bring up the quest, aptly named, Blackhand’s Command.

This quest, the devs say, will then send you into Upper Blackrock Spire to access the Orb of Command located behind General Drakkisath’s throne. You can either have your group distract him or just kill him to get him out of the way.

World of Warcraft - Blackwing World of Warcraft - Blackwing

There is an additional alternate entrance within Upper Blackrock Spire that players can use as access after Warchief Rend Blackhand has been defeated. To enter, you must be in a raid group.

Eight bosses await within Blackwing Lair, each with their own challenges to face and strategies you’ll need to employ to defeat them. You’ll need to coordinate closely with your raid team to be victorious. All of the monsters follow a dragon theme.

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