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World War Z dev wanted to remake Half-Life 2, Valve said no

Published: 11:55, 21 May 2019
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Half-Life 2

Saber Interactive, the company you know from their zombilicious shooter World War Z, have already revealed they offered to develop Days Gone's multiplayer, but their CEO Matthew Karch says they also pitched a Half-Life 2 remake to Valve.

"I reached out to Gabe Newell personally, because I knew him from a past life, and I said I want to remake Half-Life 2. That's all I want to do. I won't charge you anything for it. I'll do it for rev-share and doesn't even need to be a big rev-share", Karch told Gamewatcher.

He stressed that he just loves the game so much bu unfortunately, GabeN and Co would have none of it. They replied that if they end up doing it - they'll do it internally. Not unlike Half-Life 3, if we might add.

If you need more proof of Karch's Half-Life fandom, then there's the almost mandatory criticism of Valve, whose game-making hiatus was in full swing before they interrupted it recently with Artifact.

"Where's Half-Life? Half-Life was the game that made Valve", Karch enquired, and it's hard to argue with the man.

He even conceded that World War Z practically owes its demand to Left 4 Dead, but again asking the question we all seem to be asking.

"Before Left 4 Dead, there was Half-Life, which needs to be remade in my opinion, because I think we're scratching that itch with World War Z on the Left 4 Dead side. I think other developers are going to come and do similar types of things. But Gordon Freeman, man, he's as iconic as Master Chief. Where is it?", he asked.

In absence of Half-Life 3, which is slowly but surely becoming a Duke Nukem type of joke, we guess remaking Half-Life 2 would be the next best thing, and it wouldn't be unwise by Valve to consider such an opportunity. 

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Karch also reiterated Saber's and World War Z's support to Epic Games and their store, insisting that it's got nothing to do with money, but rather with being a "disruptive change in the industry."

You can find Karch's interview with Gamewatcher .

World War Z is a coop zombie shooter by Focus Home Interactive

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