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World War 3 releases gameplay trailer before Gamescom

Published: 17:35, 20 August 2018
The Farm 51
Picture of several soldiers during a firefight situation
World War 3

The Farm 51 have announced that their upcoming first person shooter World War 3 will be playable at the developer's Gamescom 2018 booth, along with launching a new gameplay trailer fans have been anxiously waiting for. Take a look.

Ever since World War 3 was unveiled back in May 2018, fans have been eager to see more of the game as many found it to be a potentially suitable substitute for Battlefield this year, as the latter might not quite be what the playerbase wanted. 

Those lucky enough to attend Gamescom 2018 will also be able to try the game out on The Farm 51's booth from 21 to 25 August 2018. Apparently the developer team will be on-hand in order to gather any feedback players might have. Just a week later, fans from the USA will be able to give the game a go as well, during PAX West in Seattle from 31 August to 03 September 2018. 

Meanwhile, any fans that don't get the opportunity to play World War 3 during these two events will have their chance when technical tests begin. There is no exact date on these tests but The Farm 51 did state they are "just around the corner" and sign-ups will start soon.

Currently, the game has two announced game modes - Warzone and Recon, where Warzone will be similar to Conquest from the Battlefield series, with 64 players on a map complete with vehicles and zone control. World War 3 will have extensive customisation but they have managed to stay away from agenda pushing and politics in video games even though it's taking place in fictional future and capitals of various states are the destructible playground.

The Farm 51 One soldier is shooting at another in a decrepit building World War 3

On top of everything, the game will feature the same movement systems Battlefield V will have, including leaning and advanced prone controls as you can see in the trailer above.

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