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The Farm 51 release WW3 roadmap along with new content

Published: 17:34, 22 November 2018
Updated: 15:05, 23 November 2018
The Farm 51
picture showing a german soldier in world war 3 game
World War 3

Modern military shooter World War 3 is set for the first major update since the early access release the developer The Farm 51 have announced. Along with the early access roadmap, WW3 is getting a new team deathmatch mode and customisation.

World War 3 is a modern military online shooter from Polish studio The Farm 51 and it's currently available through early access on Steam. It launched a month ago, and now the game is set for the first major update which is launching 22 November 2018. Along with the update, the developers have also added a 10 per cent Black Friday discount. 

The November 0.2 patch brings a new Team Deathmatch mode which will see two teams of ten players fight in Warsaw's mall for close quarter combat with day and night scenarios. This sounds like the most classic team deathmatch you can get, so it's hard to say what's actually new and unique in the mode.

Along with the unique Team Deathmatch, the developers have announced more content such as the German IFV Boxer which is an armour fighting vehicle. A new Polish MSBS BP assault rifle was also added along with the Russian Guerilla uniform and customisation options which will allow the players to change the appearance of their soldier.

Some technical improvements and bug fixes have also been addressed. The Farm 51 said they boosted the game's performance and reduced load times. World War 3 will now be a safer playground for all players according to the developers who implemented a new authentication system and master servers. 

An Early Access roadmap has been shared and it shows the planned Winter 2018/2019 updates. In the next few months, players can expect an alpha stage map dubbed Smolensk Gate and Recon game mode in which players will have to find a high-value target with just one life.

The Farm 51 picture showing a roadmap for World War 3 World War 3 early access roadmap

World War 3 is not doing so well at the moment with mixed reviews on Steam. In the last few weeks, the game averaged 1,600 daily players which is a 57 per cent drop since the 20 October 2018 release.

Hopefully, some fresh content will help with that as the players are looking for a solid modern military shooter since the Battlefield series to its roots with the WW2 setting.

You can check the detailed description of the new content on World War 3

World War 3 - a modern military online shooter by The Farm 51

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World War 3

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