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World War 3 update fixes TTD issues, adds new weapons and units

Published: 11:22, 24 December 2018
The Farm 51
Picture of some soldiers in World War 3 game
World War 3

The Farm 51 have announced a new update for World War 3 which will fix Time to Death issues, improves optimisation, add a new weapon, a new tank and a new US-based unit. On top of that, there is a new prototype and a TDM map to play on.

Update 0.3 for World War 3 is out now, which is branded as an Autumn 2018 update on The Farm 51's roadmap, oddly enough. It has added the FPS fan favourite rifle SCAR-H, which is famous for its modification fondness and since World War 3 has an extensive modification system, this was a match made in heaven. You can preview the showcase on the video embedded above.

US military tends to outfit the special forces with this rifle, but it's not exclusively tied to them. It seems like World War 3 developers kept that their fact checking up, as US Marine Corps is getting added with this update too. On top of that, a tank simply labelled as Abrams has been added to the roster. Anyone familiar with heavy armour will recognize the name as it designates the legendary line of US Army's tanks.

There are two new maps, one of them being TDM Berlin, which will as the name implies be a stage for Team Deathmatch. The other one is Smolensk, which is a prototype map. It remains to be seen how each unit fits with the new maps, as it will also depend on their available camos.

Speaking of which, USMC will have five camouflages. There will also be five new weapon skins added as well as six vehicle skins. While new content is almost always good, The Farm 51 didn't forget about the technical part of their game either.

One of the biggest problems World War 3 suffered since the Early Access launch were the long loading times. According to the , these times were "vastly reduced" on top of the new performance updates and a "large reduction" in RAM usage.

The Farm 51 picture showing a german soldier in world war 3 game World War 3

Gameplay should be better now in TDM especially, thanks to the new respawn system. The Farm 51 removed something they called superbullets, which was basically an issue with TTD, so players shouldn't be dying in one or two frames anymore. And they didn't even have to in the meantime, huh.

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World War 3

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