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World War 3 by Farm 51 is coming to Steam Early Access soon

Published: 10:44, 10 October 2018
The Farm 51
Picture of a soldier running next to a tank in World War 3 game
World War 3

The Farm 51 have announced that World War 3 will be coming to Steam Early Access on 19 October 2018 and will cost $28. Those who are looking for a Battlefield substitute, but are not into Call of Duty, might want to check this one out.

World War 3 will be a tactical, in a modern to near-future setting, shooter game that will draw inspiration heavily from Battlefield titles. For example, it will feature matches with up to 64 players in them, vying for control over a few points scattered around the map.

Players will have several classes to choose from, depending on whether they feel like destroying enemy vehicles, healing their teammates or sniping from downtown. Quite literally downtown, as the maps will be mostly based on real life capitals, such as Warszaw, Berlin and Moscow.

Several gameplay videos have popped up over a few gaming events recently, revealing that the game indeed feels a lot like Battlefield 4, but according to The Farm 51, ballistics will be different as they have thoroughly tested weapons in order to figure out how to translate them into a game.

Realistic gun behaviour might come in handy once World War 3 gets the inevitable battle royale mode, as PUBG owes much of its success to such mechanics. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's recent beta confirmed this further as the addition of bullet drop was extremely well received, especially since Call of Duty's weapons all started feeling the same over the years due to streamlining.

Back to World War 3, the game's Steam store page is up and running, but there is currently no visible price tag, other than the previously stated $28 entry fee.

The Farm 51 Picture of some soldiers shooting around in World War 3 game World War 3

Be mindful of the fact that The Farm 51 that this is a "soft price", which means it could change in the future. The monetisation model has not been entirely specified and it remains to be seen what it might include. Considering the amount of customisation the developers have shown, it's quite clear some of these could be purchasable for real life money.

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