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World of Warships: Legends update brings armour viewer and a ton of ships

Published: 19:28, 17 December 2020
World of Warships: Legends - December update
World of Warships: Legends - December update

Wargaming revealed that World of Warships: Legends players are in for more than one treat during the winter of 2020 as the game will get a new event, project, ranked battles and more.

USS Massachusetts is coming to WoWS: Legends on December 21, 2020, as a part of the update that will bring about plenty of other additions. As for the aforementioned ship, it will be featured in the Big Mamie campaign that will have the Premium Tier VII battleship as the final reward.

The ship is one of the South Dakota battleships armed with 406mm guns and enviable armour protection. Big Mamie is different from many other battleships in that this one features a battery of secondary guns.

If you're interested in the ship's history, it's quite impressive as this vessel was used throughout the entirety of USA's involvement in World War 2 and the ship has not lost a single crewmember.

Besides Massachusetts, players can look forward to a second premium ship as a reward throughout the campaign. Japanese light cruiser Yahagi boasts speed and is well-armed for a Tier IV vessel. It can be obtained at milestone 40 of the campaign which will run for six weeks and has 120 milestones in total.

Icebreaker event will be active throughout the update as well, letting players collect Icebreaker Coins for more rewards, which include the Tier VII Russian battleship, Lenin. In case the nine of the ship's 406mm guns are not enough to satisfy your needs, the ship is also renowned for the "Icebreaker armour" that is used along the bow.

A special bureau project is also coming with new skin unlocks for Scharnhorst, Duke of York and Edinburgh. It will be available until February 1, 2021.

Ranked battles will have some rule changes since the players can have up to one destroyer per team of five so that each player's actions can have larger impact on the outcome.

As a cherry on top, the armour viewer features is also arriving to the game with the December update. 

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