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World of Warcraft's is getting low population server squish

Published: 15:28, 04 July 2020
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World of Warcraft

Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft will undergo another round of server merges in an attempt to make the less populated ones more interesting for the players.

World of Warcraft servers are going to get a bit of a merge over the coming months as Blizzard monitored populations recently and decided some realms are not as packed as they would like them to be.

As a result, these somewhat deserted servers will get merged with the more populated ones in order to provide players with more opportunity for interaction with other players, be it guild recruitment or putting teams together or simply finding someone to randomly adventure with.

This process will not happen overnight as Blizz stated they will be going through it over the next two to three months. Each server merge will happen during a maintenance period so it can be as seamless as possible.

During each maintenance, everything will be combined for the merged realms and the players on affected servers will see their larger world when they log back in. Forums will be accompanying these mergers and the discussions will be merged as well.

Players will also be notified on the project's steps as Blizzard will post updates as they go with the process. Besides the regular notifications, the devs will keep posting on the forums where players can discuss their merged worlds and their intricacies.

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That said, there aren't currently any realms that are announced as ready for being merged so keep an eye out for these forum posts around maintenance times.

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