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World of Warcraft will ban guilds for advertising boosting services

Published: 02:32, 01 February 2022
World of Warcraft - Torghast: Beasts Of Prodigum Bonus Event
World of Warcraft - Torghast: Beasts Of Prodigum Bonus Event

World of Warcraft had an important policy update recently which should theoretically put an end to the massive trade chat spam issue.

If you ever logged into World of Warcraft , visited a hub of activity and figured it was a bad day to have an active WoW subscription, it's probably because you saw the trade chat spam that offered boosting services, among other things. With the policy update from January 31, 2022 , this should end, at least in the near future.

The reason is that Blizzard basically made advertising such activities illegal for guilds and organisations, even if they only charge in-game currency for it. More importantly, the company targeted organisations that operate across multiple realms, which are the main perpetrators of the spam fest.

In case someone doesn't follow the new EULA rules, they will be found in violation of the policy and it will result in actions being taken against their accounts. These actions can range from warnings, over suspensions to permanent bans for disruptive behaviour.

That said, individuals and guilds are still permitted to sell regular goods and some services but the boosting that you saw in the majority of the trade chat spam should theoretically be gone.

It remains to be seen whether the boosters will adapt to the change and find a workaround for Blizzard's measures but the policy change should provide a period of peace, at the very least.

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